Welcome to Mythereum The Fantastically Distributed Collectible Card Game Built on the Ethereum Blockchain

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Mythereum is a multiplayer digital trading card game built on the Ethereum blockchain where players build unique decks of collectible cards and challenge others to engage in battle. Oh, and mind the dragons...

Three Cards and Characters

Mythereum Cards

Every Mythereum Card is a unique Ethereum blockchain-based asset that you can trade, transfer or sell on Rare Bits. Cards are available individually and in Booster Packs which include five random cards from the latest edition. As you play, you'll gain Mythereum XP which you can redeem for new cards or upgrades to ones you already own.

Note: Each time a new 125-card edition is released, the previous edition will no longer be available for purchase and the only way to obtain any cards from that edition is from a player who is willing to part with them. The current edition is Mythereum: Genesis.

Game Rules

Mythereum: Genesis is a last-man-standing card game where players pit their decks against 2-4 other players. In turn, players can launch attacks while attempting to protect their own Health and outlive every other player, earning Mythereum XP along the way.

Most Mythereum games are played off-chain and made possible by bleeding-edge peer-to-peer technology built on IPFS. Starting in April 2018, we'll host weekly tournaments with real ETH prizes contributed by the Mythereum team and funded by ongoing card sale proceeds. There are no entry fees and players only need to have a deck to enter.

Game Setup
Each player chooses which of their cards to bring to battle. There's no maximum number you can choose, but the minimum to play is 10 cards. Each player's deck is automatically shuffled, and players are dealt five cards from their deck to make up their initial hand. Each player starts the game with 250 Health Points (HP).

At the start of each turn, players receive 3 random Magicks (Black, Gray and/or White) which are needed to activate the special abilities of their primary attack card, also known as their Leader Card. During a turn a player can Choose a New Leader Card, Launch an Attack or Exchange any or all of the cards in their hand for random ones from their deck. If a player's Leader Card is defeated, it'll be removed from the game. It will need to be replaced with another from their hand during their next turn and they will play with one less card. Replacing a Leader Card will immediately recharge its shield points.

Players lose if they're unable to replace a defeated Leader Card from their hand or they run out of Health Points. Players can also withdraw at any time. The game ends when only one player remains.

Four Cards, Vertically Aligned